Academy 2016

In 2016 Xplicity in partnership with leading VDI vendor Login VSI was concentrated on latest .NET technologies. Therefore, the event was called C# Academy. The spaces for knowledge exchange and gain hands-on experiences was created. Technical program incorporated social skills development activities that was exciting experience.

For our final exam, we used the same theme as during the academy – students had to upload their computers’ metrics to a shared storage and then display the shared data. The exam required practical application of knowledge acquired during the academy: consuming a Web API endpoint to send and receive data, creating Angular2 front end to display the data, creating own ASP.NET Core Web application with a repository and exposing it to peers.

Last year 179 people registered and 12 were selected to attend.

After two weeks of the Academy 3 participants who demonstrated motivation and the capacity to pick up things quickly as well as ability to analyze and apply knowledge was invited to join dedicated teams and C#, .NET professional community. In addition to this amazing opportunity the most motivated people visited our partners – Login VSI headquarters in the heart of the Netherlands – Amsterdam. One person received paid internship offer.


Gintautas Kucinskas

Gintautas is part of the Login AM team, he has been working in the IT field for 5 years. Gintautas is also is the co-creator of Mr. Lamp- a code quality controller, a Wi-Fi lamp that lights up when a code submitted by one of the developers fails the continuous integration procedure. At the C# Academy Gintautas will share his insight and expertise on programming.

Sarunas Didjurgis

Sarunas is a part of Login VSI development team here in Kaunas. Sarunas has been working in the IT field for more than 2 years. He is Kaunas Technology University’s graduate and a certified Scrum Master. Sarunas will participate at the Academy with his experiences and knowledge on programming.

Henk Hofs

Henk is the Product Owner at Login VSI in Amsterdam. He specializes in server based computing / end-user computing scene, with a strong focus on automation. Hank proves his extremely valuable expertise with working in the IT field for more than 13 years in various fields like healthcare, government, banking and others. Henk will be actively involved at the Academy with sharing his in-depth professional knowledge and experiences.

Mark Plettenberg

Mark is a Product Manager at Login VSI in Amsterdam, he is the pioneer of Login VSI product. Mark’s expertise ranges from (pre-) sales to development and he’s a translator from the voice of the customer to development and sales. He has experience in the IT field for more than 12 years. No doubt you will learn a lot from him! Mark will be talking about the history of Login VSI and how it has grown from two interns writing their final thesis to a company with offices worldwide from Kaunas to Silicon Valley and how that influences development.

Jos Dikhoff

Jos is the Vice President of Sales at Login VSI in Amsterdam. Jos is a sales and marketing guru, he has an incredible amount of experience in the IT field, he has worked for Oracle for almost 10 years. He will be talking about communication and team- everything – spirit/ work/ fun/ communication – at the Academy.

Andrius Tolvaisis

Andrius is a part of Login AM development team here in Kaunas. Andrius is Kaunas Technology University’s graduate with Bachelors in Computer Science and Masters in Software Engineering. Andrius has been working in the IT field for more than 13 years, therefore bringing a great amount of expertise and experience to C# Academy.

Blas Villa Rodriguez

Blas is a Senior Software Architect at Login VSI in Amsterdam. Blas has an extensive experience as a Software Engineer for 14 years and he specializes in Software Architecture for Product Development. Blas has also worked in a prototype lab KUKA where he programmed an Industrial Robotic Arm, so no doubt you will learn a great deal from him. At the C# Academy he will be focusing on modern web technologies such as ASP .Net Core and Angular 2.



(10:00- 17:00)


(10:00- 18:15)


(10:00- 16:15)



Opening the event Stand-up Stand-up Stand-up
Login VSI story telling Introduction to Effective Team Work Introduction to WinForms Introduction to Entity Framework
Covering the program Introduction to Visual Studio Module 1 (Hands-on activity) Module (Hands-on activity)
Module 1 (Hands-on activity)
Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break
Communication basics & cross cultural difference Module 2 (Hands-on activity) Introduction to Events and Delegates
Workshop Workshop Module 2 (Hands-on activity)
Introduction to Effective Presentation

(10:00- 12:15)


(10:00- 12:45)


(10:00- 12:15)


(Starts at 10:00)


(Starts at 10:00)

Stand-up Stand-up Stand-up Stand-up Closing speech
Introduction to Angular 2 Introduction to ASP.NET Core Introduction to Design Patterns Implementation (Final project + presenting results) Providing certificates
Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break
Module (Hands-on activity) Introduction to Web API and REST Module (Hands-on activity) (WEB) Closing party
Module (Hands-on activity)
Workshop (outside the office)