Academy 2017



Nikita Laukhin

Nikita is the Team Lead Developer of Login VSI team in Kaunas. Nikita has an extensive background in C# / .NET Framework programming; he has experience of working in the IT field for more than 10 years. Nikita specializes in science intensive challenging projects and implementing user-friendly interfaces. Nikita’s profound skills and knowledge are very valuable contributions to the C# Academy. He will give a masterclass about applications’ performance and code obfuscation.

Jos Dikhoff

Jos Dikhoff has an incredible amount of experience in the management field while working in such companies as Oracle. At this moment Jos is a part of Login VSI management team in Amsterdam. Xplicity’s C# academy is honored to have Jos Dikhoff on board who will drive all social activities at the event and will speak with you about self-confidence, leadership and the power of communication.

Gintautas Kucinskas

Gintautas is leading one of Login VSI teams at Xplicity. He has been working in the IT field for around 5 years. He loves to read books, drink coffee as well as chit chat with a colleagues. Gintautas contributes to C# academy the second year in a row. This year he will lead courses related to APS.NET Core and Angular technologies as well as will be happy to help you with a technical task during event.

Raman Tsitov

Raman leads the teams and makes architectural decisions at CactusSoft company in Belarus. Overall he has around 15 years of experience in both software and hardware development. He loves traveling and innovations as well as work with hardware solutions. Together with a team he Won the Hackathon at Intel® RealSense™ Hands-On Lab Practical Seminar. At the academy Raman will lead a master class where he will show you the interesting side of code testing and will explain why it is crucial in software development

Ricardas Novosinskas

Ricardas is the general manager at Xplicity. Moreover, past 4 years’ he is working on a start-up project called which provides technical solutions for sailing sport lovers. Both DataLinker and Sailracer app combines mobile and hardware technologies. Ricardas has over 20 years in software development and IT world in general. He is very precise about user experience and are willing to teach you a prototyping technique at the academy.

Tautvydas Vaitiekunas

Tauvydas is a software engineer at one of Login VSI teams at Xplicity. He loves to come up with interesting ideas, implement it and see them working. Tautvydas will help you to prepare and set up  the project as well as will make an introduction to what are you going to use for a hands-on activity.

Andrius Tolvaisis

Andrius is a Principal Developer at Xplicity and has a huge development experience with many technologies. Andrius is Kaunas Technology University’s graduate with Bachelors in Computer Science and Masters in Software Engineering. Andrius has been working in the IT field for more than 14 years. He will be teaching you Angular, TypeScript and related technologies.

The C# Academy works in a partnership with international IT companies such as Login VSI to involve IT students in the real software development. The purpose of the Academy is to provide an opportunity for motivated beginners to strengthen and gain practical knowledge in various technologies.

Academy is becoming an annual event for people who relate their future with IT. It will take a place in the first two weeks of August for beginners who have theoretical – but not yet – practical knowledge of writing code. Around 30 % of academy program is built around social activities: workshops, team buildings, training; other 30% is based on a practical task and the last part is dedicated for technical lessons/ modules/ presentations.

This year we will concentrate on Angular, ASP .NET Core, TypeScript and related tools, technologies. 

Academy’s students are challenged not only to write clean code but also to look for technical solutions that can be practically applied. Attendees are introduced to IT products that are being utilized all around the world.

The Academy’s space is lively, modern and full of great vibes. Our favorite way to stay upbeat in the office is to laugh; we believe that laughing every day makes you live longer, well maybe not longer, but it’s much more fun! You will be learning from pragmatic mentors, who possess experience from various business domains and are willing to share it.

Following the academy, the most motivated people will be invited to start their career within Xplicity. If you want to take part in this journey to make your summer more meaningful and step into professional career we encourage you to register to the event.

Last year 179 people registered and 12 were selected to attend.  After two weeks of intense course 3 people got job offers from our clients.

DATE: 1st- 12th August. 

PLACE: Xplicity office-  Chemijos g. 9D, Kaunas. 

All related information will be uploaded here on the website, updated on Social Media as well as personally sent to the registered participants.

Registration to C# academy closes on 9th of July. 

The selection process will conclude of two parts- online test and meeting in person.

On 11th of July at 11:00 in the morning  online tests will be sent via email. 

Each test will be unique and generated for individual use. NOTE: before starting the test, please remember to read the guidelines to avoid any misunderstandings. The test will help to understand your current knowledge and be better prepared for the event’s technical program.

After the test (11th July), we will contact most of you and invite to meet in person. We would like to have a short chat for around 15 minutes to get to know each other a bit better. The meetings will take place in our office- Chemijos Gatve 9D, Kaunas at 13th, 14th and 17th of July.

Moreover, please fill out a short survey with general questions till 10th of July. You can already find it HERE.

Invitations to participate will be sent till– 20th July. 

For any questions contact us at

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1st August

(10:00- 14:00)

2nd August

(10:00- 16:00)

3rd August

(10:00- 16:00)

4th August


Opening of the event Standup Standup Standup
Covering the program Effective Communication – It’s All About You! How Your Behavior Affects the Team Members Introduction to Angular (part II)
Discussion – Dealing With a Differences Introduction to Prototyping and Workshop Workshop Hands-on activity
Presentations Introduction to Web API + Swagger
Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break  Lunch break
Workshop Project Preparation & Setup Introduction to Angular & TypeScript (part I)
Introduction to Tools, Structure & Expectations Hands-on activity
7th August

(10:00- 12:15)

8th August

(10:00- 18:00)

9th August

(10:00- 18:00)

10th August

(10:00- 18:00)

11th August


Standup Catch Up Time (Hands-on activity) Catch Up Time (Hands-on activity) Catch Up Time (Hands-on activity) Final Presentation of the Project
Introduction to ASP.NET Core SignalR &  Angular (part III) Final Exam
Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break
 Hands-on activity Master class –  Writing performance-critical applications Activity (outside the office) Masterclass – How not to shoot yourself in the foot during development Closing of the event & party