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“There is a saying: “At either job you should earn or learn,” – Monika, Talent Acquisition Partner at Xplicity. In this article, you’ll find Monika‘s insights on a probationary period and

“The development of the agri-tech sector is becoming indisputably important in the context of innovations. It could help to satisfy the amount of food needs for the rapidly growing human

In this article, you will find Nikita’s story about his re-location to Lithuania a few years ago.  What brings you to Lithuania?  It was quite a spontaneous decision. I got an

“You need to love yourself and your work in order to work effectively remotely.”- says Tomas, Software Developer at Xplicity. In this article, you’ll find Tomas’ insights on remote working and

When and why blockchain doesn’t work like a “one tool for everything” solution? Blockchain technology might seem like an irreplaceable tool for companies building their infrastructure from zero. However, for

If you have heard the term “blockchain,” you might automatically relate it to Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Although the blockchain does appear this way, it is also a universal solution

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