Internship (Full Stack Development)

Jan. 28, 2018


Location: Kaunas



Xplicity is established in 2005 to develop B2B applications for our clients. The main company’s competencies are unlocked through software development, computer systems designing and programming. We help both non-technical clients and IT companies. One of the company’s services branch is oriented towards marine technology companies to help them develop and maintain innovative marine solutions. Being relatively small we are flexible, dynamic company were each of us can make a strong and meaningful impact for the company’s success. At Xplicity we appreciate initiatives, ideas, communication, friendship ant trust. We are offering an internship to build a system from scratch based on Full Stack technologies.


● Clear ambition to learn React.js, MongoDB, Socket.IO, Node.js, Docker, JavaScript technologies;
● Clear motivation to get the most out of this internship and continue to grow as a software engineer;
● Willingness to learn the quality standards;
● Willingness to ask questions;
● Ability to express oneself in English.


● Experienced mentor;
● Convenient office with both open space and separate team’s rooms;
● Possibility to grow within the company and get the job offer after an internship.

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