Gemeco offers their customers unmatched, cross-brand technical support at a level that rivals any manufacturer they represent. To accomplish this they employ a team of passionate boaters who understand the challenges they face in this rapidly changing market. The company provides a working environment that empowers them to explore – including an integrated NMEA 2000 network and a stockpile of the latest marine technology they can obtain. This arms each technician with the very tools they need to duplicate the exact challenge their customers are experiencing. No other marine distributor in the world makes this investment to ensure their customers success.

The Challenge

As a leading marine distributor, Gemeco constantly need to update the product catalog. The catalog is available on the website and also on IOS app ( iNstall ). However since more and more customers use the mobile catalog it was also required to provide the same functionality on the Android platform. Since Gemeco sells worldwide it also had to support multiple languages.

The current iOS app only worked in one language, US locale. Each catalog update required to republish the app. This had to change and data needed to be separated from the platform to update the catalog without republishing the app. Besides it had to work for multiple language and multiple locales support.

In addition, the app also had to include tools, like wire size calculator, tilt measurement etc. to help the customer move quickly through the product selection process, which would help Gemeco to increase the conversion rate from potential buyer to buyer.



Xplicity fully rewrote the iOS version to ensure that it  also worked on other platforms like Android. The content was separated from the app for which we implemented a small content management systems which now manages the translations and the catalog data itself.

The content is a set of generated HTML files with images, with an easy interface which allows Gemeco to easily update the products whenever needed. The changes are now immediately visible without the need to republish the app.

The app downloads the content file depending on user language. It constantly checks for updates and also now manages the brochure and manual downloads, proving additional information to the potential buyer and existing customers. Besides it now also takes care of the interfacing sensors on phone like magnetic field sensor, gyroscope etc. and the app data is also available when the phone is offline.

Gemeco now has a scalable, future proof solution which allows a quick roll out to new future platforms. It runs fully integrated in the Gemeco website. Gemeco now has a consistent product catalog presence on iOS and Android apps, helping their customers to even more quickly move through the purchase process on any platform.

The newest version of iNstall HERE

About Xplicity

Xplicity is a Lithuanian–Dutch IT software development company that for the past 12 years has helped numerous customers around the world to bring their vision to life. Xplicity understands the dynamics of technology.

Therefore, we already implemented Scrum more than seven years ago. Today, we are one of the most experienced Agile project management company in Lithuania, helping small to medium size customers with their software development projects.