Login VSI, A Dutch-American solutions provider for virtualized desktop environments has partnered with Xplicity to improve their Login VSI software product – An industry-standard testing tool for virtual desktop environments. The project focusses on high quality over fast results. Major project management processes have been the responsibility of Login VSI, while Xplicity handled core development tasks.

The Problem

Login chose Xplicity as a co-sourcing partner due to the lack of specialized developers within the local talent pool. Xplicity helped solve their staffing needs by providing a great price/quality/results ratio, as well as the ability to build a team of developers that could cater to their specific needs.

The Goals

Login’s goals were primarily focused on the development of their load testing tool, from a prototype to a finished product; and the facilitation of new feature implementation. In addition, their software products needed to ensure feature consistency and interchangeability. Last, but not least, the number of errors needed to be minimized, the user experience had to be improved and innovative ideas were needed in order to increase the benefits that users were receiving from Login’s software.

The Solution

Xplicity worked together with Login VSI as one team, constantly maintaining communication and traveling to each other’s offices to work together on major features. Pair programming and Scrum/Agile project management represented key methods of collaboration throughout our partnership. The two partners joined their talent resources to implement NET classic and core, c#, WPF, SOLID and other programming languages within the Login VSI solution.


The Results

Xplicity has created the core engine of Login VSI and has contributed to the creation of a Login VSI analyzer and a workload editor. This helped develop Login’s platform from a prototype to a ready to use software solution.

About Xplicity

Xplicity is a Lithuanian–Dutch IT software development company that for the past 12 years has helped numerous customers around the world to bring their vision to life.
Xplicity understands the dynamics of technology.

Therefore, we already implemented Scrum more than seven years ago. Today, we are one of the most experienced Agile project management company in Lithuania, helping small to medium size customers with their software development projects.