Project Description

Master Class Xplicity in cooperation with Login VSI

Resilient upgrading in high availability scenarios

Xplicity together with partner’s Login VSI are introducing 4 hours’ masterclass which is open and free for everyone. This knowledge sharing session will help to get an update on the modern tools that enable high availability and follow the latest trends in the market are more than welcome to participate. In the masterclass, we will discuss ASP.NET Core, EF Core, RabbitMQ and Docker technologies with a focus on resiliency, high availability and scalability.

Any level development practitioner who is interested in modern technologies would benefit from this topic. Feel free to share the event with your colleagues and invite development teams to spend some time with us.

More information about the event can be found (HERE).

Register and receive the live stream link and all material after the event (HERE).

THE GUEST SPEAKER: Blas Villa Rodriguez

DATE: 9th March 2017

TIME: 15:00 CET/ 16:00 EET

About Blas Villa Rodriguez: Blas has an extensive experience as a Software Engineer for 14 years. Blas Studied at University of Twente. Currently he is Principal Architect at Login VSI in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.