Project Description

Xplicity’s customer releases new version Login PI 1.6

In an unique co-source partnership with teams both in Amsterdam and in Lithuania we were able to successfully support Login VSI again with the release of their flagship product Login PI. The new released features will help them to stay distinctive and unique in their market space. Just after the launch of Login PI 1.5 at the end of January, the sprints started for the Login PI 1.6 release which was planned for market release in early April.

Xplicity made it within the time and within the budget. Our long ago advocated scrum approach has been adopted by all our customers. Ensuring an agile development process, the new functionality can soon be released to market. We are proud to have contributed to the successful new release and look forward to the upcoming Login PI 2.0.

Read more about the released Login PI 1.6 at

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About Xplicity

Xplicity is a Lithuanian–Dutch IT software development company that for the past 12 years has helped numerous customers around the world to bring their vision to life. Xplicity understands the dynamics of technology.

Therefore, we already implemented Scrum more than seven years ago. Today, we are one of the most experienced Agile project management company in Lithuania, helping small to medium size customers with their software development projects.