About Us

Xplicity is a Lithuanian–Dutch IT Product Development Company that for the past 12 years has helped numerous partners around the world bring their visions to life.

Xplicity understands the dynamics of technology; therefore we have implemented Scrum more than 7 years ago. Today, we are one of the most experienced Agile project management companies in Lithuania.

Our Operating Principles


Great communication is one of the most important elements of our efforts. We work in any timezone and make our progress available around the clock.

Cultural experience

In a world of continuous change, mobility and innovation, Xplicity’s activity is built upon our cultural experience, working with partners in many different countries. We therefore incorporate a global, international company culture while respecting and valuing our partners’ approach and work methodology.


We work on difficult and sophisticated technologies but we know how to make it simple and useful for every single partner we work with.

Our Values


Xplicity relies on flexible teams and strives for high quality products that can easily be improved and adapted to today’s dynamic technology environment.


Our customers are an active, valuable asset of our business. We dedicate significant amounts of effort to achieving success for each of them; since their success is ours as well.


Our team is the heart of Xplicity and is made of highly skilled people, with great communication, collaboration and teamwork. We have great passion for code and for delivering the best products possible. We love to have fun with what we do, share our passion with others and exceed expectations.

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