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Web App development

We excel at actively using .NET framework powered by C# in our projects. It’s one of the most influential programming languages out there with the ability to create web, mobile, desktop apps and many more.

With Angular, AngularJS, Javascript, and Typescript we bring the flexibility and versatility our partners are looking for in the end result. Using ASP.NET Core we easily enhance performance and are able to host the product on Windows or Linux OS.

We don’t shy away from using Entity Framework, MVC, Rx.NET, RxJS, WebSockets, RabbitMQ too. Staying in line with the technology is what we strive for.

Desktop App development

Desktop App is often used when the better UX is essential. Also, for projects with a very specific use cases. The separate app with its own window and an icon in the task bar is always more convenient than a browser tab.

Most of our desktop apps are created using .NET Framework. Technologies like WPF, UWP, Windows Forms and WCF connect all parts into one solid system and help creating user friendly interface. 

We work with Qt Widget toolkit for the niche projects and Java, Electron for cross-platform solutions. Staying in line with technology is one of our priorities. 



Custom digital solutions for sustainable agriculture and efficient workflow. Over time Agri-Tech has evolved into the entire digital process and we believe that it will create a more efficient future. Xplicity specializes in agri-tech software development for the most diverse needs.

We have experience in development of  trading platforms, software for risk management, supply chain, financial and e-commerce and other solutions in the context of this industry.  Also, we‘re always enthusiastic  and excited to start the next project in this field.


It’s simply impossible to segregate mobility from software.
Talking of a mobility, Xplicity team has implemented projects for logistics and parking software, smart car rental platform, smart tracking, electric vehicles charging software, etc.

Our expertise enables us to develop complex projects that require high-tech knowledge.

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrasructure)

„Ease of navigation is important in both physical and virtual space.“ (John Quelch)
Xplicity is strong and experienced market player when it comes to the VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) development.

We contribute to creating an easier way of managing desktops. Our long-term collaboration with Login VSI company has resulted in great products, used by huge companies such as Dell, Wallmart, Boeing and others.


– “We are a Dutch-Lithuanian team. On the Dutch part we have Jos and Gerhard, two restless entrepreneurs who always have plenty of innovative ideas. Jos is a growth-hacker. His passion for sales and top-notch services are what drives Xplicity further. Gerhard is an inspiring leader and a passionate entrepreneur with a vision to revolutionize technology services.”

Alina Laukienė

Sales and Marketing Manager

Eglė Lučinskienė

Head of the office

Karolina Licė

Talent Acquisition Specialist


Xplicity is a Dutch-Lithuanian Software Development Company. For the past 15+ years, we have helped numerous small to medium-sized companies around the world bring their visions to life. From the very start, challenging and unique projects were developed for our clients. Company’s competencies are unlocked through software development, computer systems’ design and programming.


Our mission is to deliver software development solutions to our clients reflecting transparency, responsiveness, commitment, and excellence in our everyday work, inside and outside of the company.
We are recrafting the way software development impacts SME’s life cycle and by outsourcing IT talent, we simplify their workflow, empower them to create, lead, and grow.


Our vision is to minimize the gap between businesses and technology.
We believe that the technology should not stand in the way of ground-breaking ideas and by developing software our clients need, we bring them closer to where they want to be


We’re Always ON. We believe that responsivenesstransparencycommitment, and excellence are the key components when communicating with the whole world.

Our company’s culture revolves around open and honest client-developer communication while following a high standard of quality. We commit to understanding and fulfilling client needs by updating status regularly and responding immediately.

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