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With a vision to revolutionize the way software development works for SME’s, we at Xplicity, are striving hard to deliver quality results while collaborating with our clients in an effective and productive manner.

We believe that co-sourcing software development as such will immensely enhance the productivity of SMEs along with giving them a competitive edge against the major players in the industry.

Co-sourcing software development is considered a cornerstone of fast and reliable results. Combining the management expertise of the client with our technical knowledge, delivering quality software development services within time and fulfilling the ever-changing requirements of the customers becomes an achievable goal.

A number of benefits emerge as a result of co-sourcing. Firstly, due to the dynamics of the modern day world with every customer having unique needs, co-sourcing becomes the only resort for many software development companies.

After having had a vast experience working with international companies, we have come to know that such a method not only allows for a high price to performance ratio due to the lower labour costs in the Eastern European region, but also provides cultural flexibility along with a greater adaptability to different time zones. Furthermore, having extensive experience with the agile process of development and dedicated employees working in a pleasant environment, we can assure quality results using the most recent technologies in our development for web, desktop and mobile.

The main advantages that come about as a result of co-sourcing are: –

  • A dedicated workforce
  • Greater productivity
  • Increases customer satisfaction as a result of better collaboration
  • Reduced overall costs

We use the Scrum agile process as our approach to work on projects. The Agile methods of software development are unlike the traditional sequential planned methodology of developing software. Rather they involve strong teamwork, constant reviewing of work in progress, ongoing collaboration with customers and thus constantly changing the original project to fit the customer needs.

Scrum is the method that we use to develop software. Doing so has a number of proven advantages. Firstly, using Scrum leads to relatively higher productivity along with decreasing time-to-market. Furthermore, it keeps the team motivated as they are more engaged in their work thus ensuring that the final product meets high standards.

In addition, we also ensure that there is ample communication between us and the client. This is because Scrum’s true potential can only be realized if effective communication takes place. Communication gap is the primary problem due to which various projects fail to live up to the expectation of the final customer. Therefore, we strive to communicate with our clients in every way possible ensuring that no communication gap occurs and hence we go at lengths to make the communication process as organic as possible as if we are with the client in the same room.

Moreover, the greater flexibility with which the Scrum method can be applied implies that it is accordingly tailored to allow for effective co-sourced software development.

Dedicated development centres give development teams the opportunity to work on what they know best. Through such centres, you will be able to tap onto the high potential of qualified engineers and developers who are completely dedicated to the project at hand. We ensure that our staff has up-to-date knowledge to meet the client’s expectations and more importantly those of the end customers accordingly.

Furthermore, you can manage the team as you wish. This means that you will not have to hunt for specialized staff separately as our highly qualified staff will handle your software development issues effectively. You will easily be able to achieve great results as a result of specialization and efficient division of labour.


  • Motivated Team
  • Better collaboration between team members
  • Better understanding of the customer’s needs

Prototypes are crucial for a perfect end product. One cannot develop a high standard product without going through the prototyping phase. Software prototyping provides the development team the necessary information needed to fix bugs, make the software more robust and provide a better service overall.

As such, our software system for prototyping is ideal for carrying out tasks related to testing the software as deemed necessary. It is a flexible and high-performing facility that will ensure improved understanding of the software being developed. It will allow you to monitor and change your services so as to bring them closer to what the customer wants. Our skilled staff will support in such tasks to ensure your profitability.


  • Bugs can be fixed early on in the testing phase
  • The team will have a much better understanding of the dynamics of the software
  • The overall functionality can be conveniently improved

The ever-increasing competition in the market means that it is vital for software developers to make the uniqueness of their product more visible to the consumers. Otherwise, the business may lose its competitive edge as consumers switch to rivals.

Due to this, our mobile development services allow you to create mobile applications effectively as per the requirements of your customer making sure that customer understands the differentiation that your product harbours as compared to your competitors. We strive to ensure that we use up-to-date technologies to develop applications for all mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows.


  • Flexible
  • Up-to-date technologies
  • Better performance

Technology changes at a very rapid pace and to ensure that your customers get what they want, it is crucial to remain updated. Without upgrading, the business may lose its value to competitors who are embracing the new technologies. This puts businesses at a major disadvantage due to various reasons in terms of speed, cost and overall quality. Older systems perform quite ineffectively in the face of ever-evolving technology and it becomes very difficult to retain good customers. Such systems are slow to deliver results and are costly to maintain.

Our highly qualified staff is well-equipped to address such needs in an effective manner. We will modernize your system accordingly so that it is in line with the what the market demands. The modernization will not only give you an advantage in terms of lower costs and high quality but also put you at the forefront of the market. We do this by integrating your system with major improvements that are bound to enhance your operational returns. Not only do we take into account the functional aspects of the system but also reinforce security so as to ensure safety.

Primarily, our software modernization services include migrating, re-platforming and upgrading security features so that they are aligned with contemporary standards.

As such, the new and improved system will allow you to be more efficient, faster. The system is easy to implement which means you will not have to spend a lot of time re-training your staff. This will save you a lot of time and cost. As such we ensure that all system upgrades are carried out with minimal disruption.


  • Minimal disruption to normal operations
  • Timeliness
  • Experienced staff able to deal with issues promptly

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