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2 weeks



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 Team building and social activities

All participants were enrolled in daily social activities that improved teamwork skills. Also, they had an Orientation game around Kaunas city.


During the students have improved their C# .NET, Web API [.NET 6], Angular, Databases [EF, LINQ] and Clean Code skills and knowledge.

“Out of the box” sessions

  • Metaverse by Vytautas Kašėta.
    Vytautas is a cryptoverse analyst, blockchain and distributed systems expert, and a visionary, diving deep into the world of token economics, securitization, digital innovations, crypto economy development and metaverse.

    In the DevAcademy Vytautas has presented to the participants Metaverse as it is today and it’s growth tendencies. Also, together with students, they explored what is often understood as a Metaverse, but in fact – it’s not. Participants found out what are Metaverse digital assets, how brands’ digital economies act or what governments are global leaders in various ways pushing the development of metaverse forward.
  • Blockchain by Linas Būtėnas.
    Linas is a Blockchain Technology expert, Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence Researcher with more than 20 years of IT experience. 

    Together with DevAcademy participants, Linas was reviewing the history of blockchain, analyzing the beginning of the Crypto Economy, and shared knowledge about fundamental technological solutions of Blockchain. Moreover, students heard about how blockchain transactions work, what are the challenges or what the “ATOMIC” abbreviation stands for. 

Academy mentors & speakers

Linas Būtėnas

Co-founder & Head of Research and Development @SUPER HOW?

Vytautas Kašėta

Co-founder & CIO @SUPER HOW?
President @Crypto Economy Organisation

Jonas Petraška

Benas Janušonis

Giedrė Pranauskytė

Matas Žilinskas

Academy memories

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