Advent calendar for the IT professionals




Last year we were sharing an Advent Calendar for the IT community which all of you liked a lot. So, this year we decided not to work on re-inventing a bike and collected a bunch of great ideas for this year’s calendar. 

Come here every day to unpack some tech tips and fun stuff.

December should start with a fun note so, here is the channel suggestion where you will find plenty of useful and funny content about tech things.

How to become as proficient as our coders are? Check this link and learn ways to become one of the best coders from a scratch.  

Time management is important just for managers.” It’s a MYTH!. If you spend less time on a simple task, you will be able to dedicate more of it to a meaningful one. Find out the best ways to manage yours as a developer’s time.

The primary thing that every gamer needs is a PC that has decent gaming parameters. Check out Linus building a high-end gaming computer from scratch.

While many people have a prejudice that IT specialists are unsocial introverts, our employee Nikita proves them wrong! Dancing can be one of the best ways to stretch after the long day of programming.

How to combine gaming and coding? Try the online game that allows you to improve your Javascript, Python, C++, or C# programming skills while competing with other coders.

Have you got questions about programming languages? Check this massive cheat sheet and find the answers you need.

Anyone can start coding no matter what is their age.  Find out how kids can start it even while they are still very young and how they can become the next generation of future programmers! 

Click here to renew your tech information about the IT world, various programming languages, and courses for excellent job interview preparation.  

Do you know what gives an adrenaline rush to our Sales and Marketing manager Alina? She loves sitting behind the wheel in drag racing championships and believes that both women and men can be great drivers! Never stop yourself from doing the things that you truly love even though someone finds them too weird!

Would you like to meet people who think alike? Then you might enjoy this community site where more than half-million developers share videos, podcasts, and other interesting information.

Are you missing coding challenges? Then try this out and don’t forget to challenge your programmer friend!

Benas is an excellent proof that programmers have deft fingers! Have you ever heard of a tutting dance? If not yet – then you will find this absolutely satisfying to watch.

Are you looking for CSS, DOM, HTML, JavaScript or other API documentation examples? You can find multiple API documentations in a fast, organized, and searchable interface here. Help yourself!

Podcast listening can be one of the best ways to spend quality time. Here you will find a variety of podcasts covering different programming languages and other coding related things.

Our employee Tomas recommends you to browse through this page to get the best possible experience out of your Linux: distribution and/or software releases, helpful articles and other useful things.

Don’t miss out on this web where you can see how the software uses videos or images produced by your cameras to see, understand, and extract valuable insights from what happens on the roads in order to raise your overall capabilities.

Have you ever thought about how custom Angular builds are being written? Also, why would someone want to write a custom Angular? Check this link to find out the peculiarities of building Angular like an architect.

Experiencing a heavy workload before Christmas some people might forget about ways of getting into the holiday mood. Find out a few unconventional tips on how to wrap yourself in a festive spirit

Find out plenty of valuable information from many different computer scientists about machine learning, computer vision or… [you name the topic!].  If you are looking for code & data that you need to do your data science work – it’s a perfect website for that

Have you ever wanted to manually program a piece of tech? Find out more about Viktoras’ niche hobby: soldering different hardwares and using alternative technologies like Arduino and Raspberry Pi!

One of the best ways to  escape work-day stress is a quick meme break. Check this out and wave your morning stress blues goodbye.

No doubts that podcasts are a great way to learn on the go. So, why not start with learning about the importance and adoption of the Clean Code?

Happy Holidays from everyone at Xplicity! Instead of making resolutions for 2022 we wish you to visualize things, plan them and make it happen! Have a prosperous, joyful and healthy upcoming year. And of course – thank you for being together with us!