Automation and user centred design for controlled environment agriculture




This year two amazing AgTech professionals: Michael Ratcliff and Johnny Stormonth-Darling were sharing their experience with the Dev Academy participants.

Michael Ratcliffe is a commercial manager and systems engineer for Aquaponics Lab. Also, a collective of developers, makers, designers and engineers committed to supporting technology for the production of healthy, sustainable and locally sourced food in the UK.

Johnny Stormonth-Darling is an academic nanofabrication engineer by training. Besides, he played a supporting role in the establishment of UKUAT, the UK’s urban agritech collective. In addition, as a scientific generalist, Johnny is particularly interested in the way how nature and technology can work together. He is looking for opportunities to ensure the environmentally friendly food supply into the uncertain future.

Session topics:

– Motivation for controlled environment agriculture.

– How does it work?

– What technology you can involve into automation processes?

– Critical needs of farmers (exploring the actionable data).