DDD kills your project!




Why Domain-Driven Design (DDD) is not applicable for all projects? How to avoid the main mistakes applying it? Find it out!

About the speaker

Sepehr Namdar had the opportunity to work on various missions, whether it be pure maintenance or the complete monitoring of a project. He was able to acquire knowledge on all phases of software development. The success of a project depends in large part on the methodologies applied during its development. These are often Agility, Lean, Behavior Driven Development, and Clean Code.

Also, Sepehr is the Co-founder of DDD Iran and this year was one of the DDD Europe event speakers.


This online event will consist of 2 parts: theory basics and live coding. Here are the main things that we will review together:

  • A brief intro about DDD.
  • Why DDD is not applicable to all types of projects?
  • What conditions should be respected to have a correct implementation of DDD?
  • Bad practices of DDD
  • Good experience and examples.
  • Brief questions & answers session.
2 hours live coding session subtopics:
  • Covering code efficiently with Approval Tests
  • Applying the Sandwich Pattern
  • Transforming an Anemic Model to a Rich Domain Model
  • Managing Temporal Coupling 
  • Introducing Domain Model Purity & Completeness 

Event registration

Place: online (more details will be announced soon)

Day & time: 15th of April 2021, 15.00-18.00 (GMT+3 time zone)

Event language: English.

Price: free of charge 

Preparation for coding: no special preparation needed