Agro Tourism platform

The unique Esa Baltic idea and the way of organizing Agro Tourism events is absolutely “out of the box” activity.

Esa Baltic is organizing a tailor made agricultural, commercial study tours and meetings in specialized fields and areas. Once the popularity of such excursions increased, the team came up with idea to develop a convenient customized platform for managing related processes.

So, the developed software solution serves as a tool for planning and managing various trip elements for touristic groups. These are the things like accommodation, transportation, catering, excursions, (non)governmental visits, educational activities (handcrafting, cooking classes, etc.), guide services, airport transfers and others.

We are happy, that Esa Baltic team has entrusted development of this platform to Xplicity.  As a result, the customized software helps to thoroughly coordinate all the aforementioned processes. Also, it facilitates lots of company’s inner tasks. And, eventually,  all this results in an attractive offer for Agro Tourists.