CityBee smart car rental platform

CityBee offers a smart car rental platform. The main project idea is to rent a car or bike for a needed time without additional concerns. This means that you don’t need to worry about such things as parking, fuel, insurance, etc. You pick any chosen car/bike and easily leave it where you want.

For this project Xplicity has contributed in two ways. Firstly, we worked on software for car charging stations. Secondly, team contributed to software for parking lot management.

Talking of car charging solutions, Xplicity took care of software processes from the moment when a user plugs in a cable. These were charging process related notifications, warnings, safe usage indicators and payment control.

Smart parking platform. Xplicity had contributed to the whole process from the moment when car arrives to a slagbaum. Hardware scans plate numbers and software encompasses all stages till a car leaves the parking lot. It is also intended to solve problems such as a situation where the hardware reads the plate number incorrectly and driver cannot exit. Eventually, VIP passes, when some certain car can enter paid parking lot for a limited time for free or user needs to order a subscription for the defined place for certain period.