Software solution for Construction Industry Tendering

Xplicity’s partnership with the company Tenndy already lasts several years. Our development team helped to bring their vision to life by implementing a software solution for construction industry tendering.

The need for such solution appeared mainly for the reason that each industry player uses overwhelming amount of tools which puts them at risk to lose the crucial information. There are several main functionalities.

  • This software enables users to conveniently host and manage all their construction tenders’ proposals in one place. They can:
    • Attach the needed documents;
    • Renew and update required information;
    • Compare offers received from several suppliers;
    • Stay aligned with tender deadlines.
  • Convenient and tech-savvy chat function safeguards users from the information loss in multi-channel environments. Communication with each tender participant is stored in one place as well as any change in tenders’ requirements.
  • Tasks and reminder’s function allows automatically assigning the chosen task to a relevant project or tender. No additional external tools are required.
  • Partners’ list and a blacklist. Users can create lists of partners and competitors, where companies can be grouped based on the selected criteria. This customized information is only visible to a user who created the list.