Relocation to Lithuania: the story of one programmer




In this article, you will find Nikita’s story about his re-location to Lithuania a few years ago. 

What brings you to Lithuania? 

It was quite a spontaneous decision. I got an email from Xplicity company based in Kaunas and at that time I knew nothing about Lithuania apart from Žalgiris. Then I started thinking about it and it made sense: it was close to Ukraine, had similar cuisine, and most people knew the Russian/English language. So, I committed. 

What was your first impression? Do you have any stereotypes about Lithuanians? 

My hometown is much larger than Kaunas, so I wondered how I could live in such a little city, but now I can’t imagine living anywhere else. The only stereotype I was able to gather from my own experience was that Lithuanians enjoy talking about their history and are proud of their past achievements. 

What encouraged you to learn the Lithuanian language? 

My first year in Lithuania was a trial run and if I wanted to stay longer. I knew I would start to learn the Lithuanian language. And so, I found a language school and completed A1, A2, and B1 courses. 

Lithuanians frequently compare Kaunas to Vilnius. What are your thoughts about it? 

While Vilnius has a lot more opportunities and entertainment, Kaunas is cozier and feels more like home. Whether it’s a walk through the old town or a stroll through a park. It just feels right. 

What are your thoughts on the IT department’s perspectives? 

There is a clear shortage of programmers in the industry, and there are several advantages for them. In essence, you can work from anywhere with an internet connection; all you need is knowledge of the appropriate programming languages. 

Were the people in Lithuania welcoming? 

Yes. The people were extremely friendly. It’s all about your attitude, in my opinion. If you’re friendly and kind to people they tend to act the same way. 

Are you a fan of Žalgiris team? 

While I enjoy basketball and support the national team, my true love is social Latin dances. This is where I made my first friends in Lithuania and began my path of social adaptation. 

What would you wish for Lithuanians? 

I would like to wish that you receive as much love and warmth from those around you, as I did.