Remote work: the changes brought by the pandemic




You need to love yourself and your work in order to work effectively remotely.”- says Tomas, Software Developer at Xplicity.

In this article, you’ll find Tomas’ insights on remote working and the main factors one must improve in order to work effectively.

Personalize your projects

Whether you’re working remotely or in a hybrid mode, imagine that the project you’re working on is your own masterpiece. Then you will find the motivation to complete even the most tedious task.

Prepare your mind

The sooner you recognize that the space where you used to watch movies, check social media, or play games is now a place where you work, the better your work-life balance will be.

Don’t let your ongoing routine get the best of you

It is essential to remember that you are the one who determines your routine: when to get up, when to work (in terms of working outside of normal business hours), when to eat, when to take small breaks, when to quit, and so on.

It matters on what you sit

 Having comfortable work equipment is critical to productivity. 

Comfort in your ears

When working online with a lot of calls, you’ll require good audio equipment. Noise-canceling headphones is one of the greatest alternatives. 

Communication with colleagues

 When more than one person is working on a project, it’s important to delegate jobs carefully in order to avoid mistakes. So, another tip to remember – stay in touch with your coworkers. Even the tiniest bit of communication can help you prevent huge problems and maintain a clear picture of your work.