Xplicity becomes the AgriFood Lithuania DIH member




It’s already some time since Xplicity chose AgTech as one of company’s focus and growth directions. With time our efforts to make global environment at least a bit  greener and more sustainable turned into a valuable membership in AgriFood Lithuania DIH

Many of the cluster members work digitizing agroindustry and implementing high-tech innovations in various AgriFood areas. Their technological solutions vary from AI, IoT, Smart sensors, Big data and Data analytics to Spectroscopy, Enterprise information systems and many more. Also, the scope of research & development implemented by cluster members and partners is absolutely impressive!

What does this membership mean to Xplicity? First of all, a reinforced opportunity to contribute to a circular economy, to increase supply chains’ efficiency and support European “Green deal” policy. Secondly, enhanced ability to support even more industry related companies on their path to the digital transformation.  As well as creating solutions to the new generation farming.

Along with our mission to fill the gap between AgriFood industry and technology, Xplicity also remains enthusiastic about discovering new digital means to reduce a human footprint. 

Our company finds this journey not only challenging, but also very inspiring! We are grateful for cluster partners’ trust in Xplicity.