Xplicity donates it’s services to Lithuanian Red Cross




Xplicity donates its services worth 15 000 Eur to Lithuanian Red Cross (Lietuvos Raudonasis Kryžius). We are proud that our knowledge could benefit the ones in need.

Year after year we help organizations and volunteers who provide their help to the community. For 6 months Xplicity’s team of programming volunteers led by colleague Matas were working on the pro-bono project – Warehouse Management System developed for Lietuvos Raudonasis Kryžius.

How war refugees influenced the software solution

We were witnesses of a significant increase of war refugees arriving in Lithuania when Russia started the war against Ukraine. With this challenge our goodwill to help increased too, as we knew how many related things must be organized, how many items must be recalculated and distributed daily. The Red Cross was experiencing the challenge of how to effectively organize the provision of essential supplies and products to all units. The team had been doing everything manually and the digitized solution was a game changer.


Digitizing supply chains is one of Xplicity’s strengths, so we decided to help out by creating a digital tool that will help involved volunteers to help others. We have:

  • automated warehouse management, 
  • created the ability to automatically import the old data and keep it in the system; 
  • added ability to adjust the goods’ quantities and addresses that the sender and the consignee see in the system; 
  • automated generation of waybills, 
  • created functionality for filtering of the sent goods according to various attributes (dates, addresses, products, etc.)
  • etc.


It took a bit longer than we expected but finally the Warehouse Management System was created. The technologies we used to develop the system: C#, .NET 6, SQL Server, Azure Storage (storage account). It is a solution that facilitates the supply chain processes. With this tool, Lietuvos Raudonasis Kryžius can now make their routine tasks, which used to require a lot of extra time and effort from the people involved, way more easier. 

Red Cross in Lithuania: https://redcross.lt/