MasterClass: Resilient upgrading in high availability scenarios

Xplicity would like to continue the knowledge sharing cycle and introduce 4 hours’ masterclass which is open and free for everyone who are interested in ASP.NET Core, EF Core, RabbitMQ, Docker technologies and focus on resiliency, high availability, scalability.

TOPIC: In real production scenarios, high availability has become a very common requirement: services should never stop. Long gone are the days when server maintenance would take 2-3 hours at night. Due to globalization and other factors, users no longer consider this acceptable. Services should be always available. This brings some interesting technical challenges when patching, recovering from failure and other scenarios. In this session, we will look at some modern tools that enable high availability.

Any level development practitioner who is interested in modern technologies would benefit from this topic. You will learn:

  • Basic introduction to containers in Docker
  • Basic introduction to ASP.NET Core
  • Practical knowledge of Message Brokers with RabbitMQ
  • General awareness of high availability architectures

SPEAKER: Blas Villa Rodriguez- a Senior Software Architect at Login VSI in Amsterdam. Blas has an extensive experience as a Software Engineer for 14 years.

DATE: 9th March

TIME: 15:00 CET; 16:00 EET

PLACE: Studentų g. 50 (101 auditorija)

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