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Today’s technology driven economy requires businesses to utilize innovative software in order to stay competitive. People work smarter and processes run faster and more efficiently when supported by the appropriate tools.

Xplicity builds software that brings the future closer to you.

Empowered by our 12 years of combined expertise in the latest software development technologies, we create scalable web, desktop, mobile and embedded applications that enable companies around the world to discover their true potential. We rely on innovation, efficiency and constant communication to transform our clients’ vision into real pillars of progress.


Our expertise enables our team to implement cutting edge technologies in order to realize our clients’ plans. We use PHP-powered tools such as Laravel for their ease of deployment, productive approach and excellent documentation. Ruby on Rails makes it possible for us to speed up and optimize our work on any web project, while Angular, ASP .NET, Javascript, Typescript or Jquery bring the flexibility and versatility our partners are looking for

We love using the latest code to create web based, cross platform applications that adapt, scale and perform beyond your highest expectations.


Even if cloud computing powers most applications today, dedicated desktop software provides a customized experience for streamlined organizations. Xplicity uses C#, .NET and PowerShell for their speed, easy integration and automation.

These help us develop solid desktop tools that come at a lower cost, scale and are easy to deploy, integrate and maintain.


Mobile technology has transformed the world we live in and Xplicity has grown along with it. The latest, object oriented programming languages such as Java, Objective C, Mac OS / iOS specific languages (Swift) and cross-platform development software (Xamarin) allow us to speed up the process and reduce development costs.

We thus pride ourselves with intuitive and user-friendly apps that contribute to today’s mobile innovation and empower organizations to work and communicate smarter and easier.


Embedded software achieves maximum customization, for your specific product. Our team adapts to your needs to ensure that the software we create works hand in hand with your device.

Throughout the years, our knowledge and skill have been incorporated into a wide variety of equipments; one of the most notable being the SailRacer Datalinker – a navigation assistance device that transmits vessel sensor data using Bluetooth Smart, allowing sailors to considerably reduce power consumption and cost while maintaining a similar communication range at sea.

We work hard to make a difference – Get in touch with us today and find out how we can bring value to you tomorrow!

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