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On the May 7th Xplicity together with other 48 IT companies was participating in the TECH Muge event. This is a career fair initiated by our partner Coding School. The

Xplicity team seeks to help Ukrainians keep the economy running under challenging circumstances. Find out what help you can get at Xplicity below. Continuous career opportunity If you are an

Why Domain-Driven Design (DDD) is not applicable for all projects? How to avoid the main mistakes applying it? Find it out! About the speaker Sepehr Namdar had the opportunity to work

Xplicity organizes an open online lecture about Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking. Topics Our guest speaker Andrius Ribinskas will review these topics: About the speaker Andrius Ribinskas is a cyber

It’s already some time since Xplicity chose AgTech as one of company’s focus and growth directions. With time our efforts to make global environment at least a bit  greener and more sustainable

This year Xplicity was participating in the Smart Country Convention (SCC) for the second year in a row. What major progress in digitization could be visible? Also, what were the struggles on

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